At She Customize, our aim is to provide custom sneakers lovers the best shoes to express their love for the culture.

Each shoe is handmade with our own designs inspired by your favorite custom and our love for streetwear and fashion.

Even though we are from USA, we aimed big, so we made sure it was possible for us to ship worldwide so that any sneakers fan can get their pair of sneakers.

The feeling of having a customer happy to represent their favorite custom sneakers is what pushes us to make new designs and always look to improve our quality and service.

When we design a pair of sneakers, we make sure that we feel comfortable wearing them as designers because we firmly believe that custom streetwear fashion does not have to be ugly or cringe.

It is why today we have thousands and thousands of customers wearing our brand, with lots of them coming back over the year for new releases to keep sharing their love for custom through our sneakers.


Sometimes the shoes are just for display, sometimes it's to gift a loved one or sometimes just to add some spice to your fit.

Whatever the case, what matters to us is to put a smile on someone's face when they open their box and hopefully have a positive impact on custom fashion and culture :).


We know that when you love your sneakers, you want them with you everywhere—even if the weather outside is less than ideal. That's why we make our designs with high-quality materials and craftsmanship so that they'll stand up to whatever life throws at them.